A downloadable game

Mari@ is a game Idea I'm testing. I thought I would put it out to the world as I think it is finally polished enough for people to play and have fun with. There are only three levels in the game so far, but I think it is still worth your time.

The game is Windows only at the moment. If any donations come in, know they will be going towards porting this game to other platforms, and supporting more gameplay items, enemies, and levels.

All sounds from the soundtrack come from OC Remix.


Please Note:

This is still in development. When you finish the third level it will take you to a level template which is unplayable. You may feel free to restart the game and play from the beginning again.


Please leave me some feedback at


Install instructions

Included in the download is a portable version of the game. If for some reason it does not work, I've included the installer.


mari@ 22 MB